Top 20 countdown

We are counting down the top 20 blogs of 2014. We determined our selections very scientifically: based on the most page views.  Did your favorite make the list?

#20 – Inked Up: 3 People Who Took Tattoos to the Extreme

We have some crazy tattoo stories and people with 98 percent of their body covered in tattoos! Here’s just some of what’s featured in our latest book!

Matt Gone

Matt Gone

#19 – Peaches with Panties

I’ll say what we have all been thinking: a fuzzy peach remarkably resembles a derriere. Recently, fruit vendors in China decided to capitalize on the anatomical similarity for a holiday.

Peach Panties

#18 – Odd Stories in honor of Shark Week

Sharks are one of the most interesting species on planet Earth. They don’t have any bones, they can live in almost any type of  water, and there are species hiding in the deep ocean that go for years without being seen. In honor of Shark Week, here are 15 true tales about the most misunderstood creature on Earth.

Strange Shark Stories

#17 – Goblin Shark: The Thing of Nightmares

Sharks topped our list for a second time this countdown. A rare goblin shark was caught in the Gulf of Mexico. We know very little about the goblin sharks.

Goblin Sharks and More!

Goblin Shark!

#16 – Millie Brown: Vomit Artist

Millie Brown is a “Vomit Artist” and Ripley’s has known how awesome Millie is for awhile now!

Millie-Brown Vomit Artist

Millie-Brown Vomit Artist

#15 – Woman in Texas with 18 Inch Nails!

Ayanna Williams has grown her fingernails for more than 20 years, and they now measure more than 18 in (45 cm) long.

Ayanna Williams Brushing Teeth

Ayanna Williams Brushing Teeth

#14 – Dog Hides From Owner, Seeks Refuge In A Lion Cage

She knew she was in trouble so she fled to her neighbor’s house…which so happens to be the Wuhan Zoo.

Dog Hiding Behind Lion

This dog was afraid to go home.

#13 – The Mystery of the Miniature Skeletons

There is a man who places ominous miniature skeletons in the corners of Mexico.


Mystery of the Miniature Skeletons

#12 – 20 Epic Watermelons

Clive Cooper is not your average sculptor. Instead of creating objects with stone or wood, he carves faces into watermelons.

Watermelon (19)

Crazy Carved Melons

#11 – Ayanna Breaks a 23-Inch-Long Nail!

Ayanna tops the list for the second time! What would you do if you broke a 23-inch nail? The answer is to laugh it off, which is just what Ayanna Williams did when she visited Ripley’s believe It or Not! London to promote our newest book.

Ayanna in London

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