Top 20 Countdown

This year we’ve covered everything from patriotic hot dogs to an Egyptian scarab formed by a meteorite, but were they good enough to make the cut?

To keep things fair, we determined our rankings based on page views, meaning YOU the reader voted each time you read a blog.

#20 – Plane Brought Down by 2,000 Farting Sheep

A  plane was brought down because the 2,186 sheep in their cargo bay farted too much, setting off alarms and forcing pilots to make an emergency landing.

sheep plane

2,000 farting Sheep bring down plane.

#19 – Santa’s Devilish Friend Krampus

You know Santa brings toys to nice children, but Krampus comes to punish the naughty ones. Behave yourself or you might just find yourself whisked away by the switch-wielding Krampus!

People make offerings of schnapps to Krampus during celebrations /CC Johann Maritz

People make offerings of schnapps to Krampus during celebrations/CC Johann Maritz.

#18 – Animal Oddities & Pranks of Nature

From our YouTube show, we talk about two-headed cats, cyclops sharks, albino whales, and a two-trunked elephant.

animal oddities

Animal oddities.

#17 – The Human Oddities of Ripley’s

Another episode from our YouTube series, we delved into the world of the Vampire Woman, a Lizard Man, and the tallest man to have ever lived, Robert Wadlow!

human oddities

The human oddities of Ripley’s.

#16 – Girl Can Lick Her Elbow, Eyes & Nose

You can see Adrianne Lewis in our 2012 book, Download the Weird! When Ripley’s met her last, her tongue measured in at a giant 3.5 inches long.

Long tongue Lewis

Girl Can Lick her Elbow, Eyes & Nose.

#15 – Man Covers Home & Palm Trees in Aluminum Foil

Looking like something out of a pulp sci-fi comic, the walls, windows, driveway, and even the palm trees glisten with metallic flare in the Florida sun.

foil house

He covered his home and even the palm trees in foil.

#14 – Back to the Future Predictions that Came True!

On October 21, 1985 Marty McFly rocketed 30 years into the future with Doc Brown in a time traveling Delorean. How well did our future stack up? Some of the predictions in the movie have actually come true!

back to the future jaws 19

Back to the Future predictions that came true!

#13 – Man Builds Entire World Map in His Backyard

After 20 years abroad, Danish Søren Poulsen returned to his home at Lake Klejtrup, and was inspired to build an entire world map after finding a stone that reminded him of Jutland.


He built an entire map of the world over the lake in his back yard.

#12 – Medical Survival X-Rays (OMG!)

A few of the most unbelievable survival stories with the pictures to prove it. If you ever wondered what it’s like to swallow your fork, now you can see what it looks like.

auger drill x-ray

Medical survival x-rays.

#11 – Rare “Pocket Shark” Found, is Second Ever Seen

Scientists found the rare shark in their holding tanks, but it’s just a baby. This is only the second shark of this species ever discovered.

Pocket Shark

Rare “pocket shark” is only the second ever found.

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