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Meet our prestigious top 10! So far you have read about Pocket Sharks and Farting Sheep. Are you ready to see if your favorite have made the Top 10?

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#10 – Weird taxidermy: Artist Inflated Animals into Colorful Balloons

By inflating the skins to monstrous sizes, and often dyeing them in vibrant colors, Maoyuan creates work that stands out!

Balloon Animals

Inflated taxidermy.

#9 – Coffins That Turn people Into Trees

An Italian firm, Capsula Mundi, wants to replace traditional caskets with organic burial pods.

biodegradable coffin

Coffins that turn people into trees.

#8 – Scans Reveal Self-Mummified Body Inside Ancient Statue

Researchers looked inside a 1,000-year-old Buddhist statue and found something completely beyond their expectations.


Buddhist Statue

Scans reveal self-mummified body inside an ancient statue.

#7 – Watch This Creepy Ribbon Worm Spit Out a Web

This crazy “ribbon” is actually how the worm feeds!

Ribbbon Worm

Ribbon worm spits out its proboscis.

#6 – Is This the Creepiest Tableware Ever?

Ronit Baranga created a standard set of tableware ceramics with human mouths, teeth, tongues, and fingers protruding from the plate.

creepy tableware

Creepiest tableware ever?

#5 – Tiny Stowaway Found With Mummified Bishop

Researchers reopened the casket to do CT scans, and what they found was unexpected… Two bodies instead of one!

Bishop Mummy

They found a fetus inside the casket alongside the bishop.

#4 – Splitting the heavens: 4 Real Swords Made of Meteorites

Legends about with tales of powerful weapons forged from the stars, but meteoric swords aren’t just a myth.

Meteorite Sword

Meteorite swords aren’t just a myth.

#3 – The Modern Samurai Isao Machii Slices 100-MPH Baseball

In his latest stunt, he slices a baseball in mid-air as it flies at him from 30 feet away at 100 mph, giving him just two-tenths of a second to draw his sword and cut the speeding ball.

isao machii

Isao Machii slices a 100-mph ball.

#2 – Self Surgery

Dr. Leonid Rogozov removed his own infected appendix at the Soviet Novolazarevskaja Research Station in Antarctica. The operation lasted one hour and 45 minutes.

self appendectomy

Self Surgery.

#1 – You Will Never Unsee This!

We are privileged to see and collect the most unusual and bizarre stuff found around this world, but this made the whole team gawk.

unsee this

You won ‘t guess what it is.

Missed Part One? See what made the 11-20 spots! Top 20 Countdown of 2015 – Stories 11-20


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Top 20 of 2015 – Stories 11-20