Top 20 Countdown

This year has had its ups and downs, but we’re looking back at the very best Believe It or Nots! of the year.

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#20 – Ride Falcor from the Neverending Story

Bavaria Films studio is opening its doors and showing off an exhibit about The NeverEnding Story.

The NeverEnding Story

Falcor | CC Bavaria Filmstadt

#19 – Lake Mead: Drowned Town Emerges from the Depths

After water levels dropped, Lake Mead in Nevada revealed some of her secrets…


# 18 – A Giant Squid’s Food Passes through Its Brain

Thanks to the unique donut shape of its brain, when a giant squid eats, the food passes through the middle!

Giant Squid

CC Citron

#17 – The Story of how the Skin of Big Nose George was Turned into Shoes

America’s Folklore is rich in myths and legends. Everyone’s heard stories of Paul Bunyan and John Henry. But has anyone heard of Big Nose George?


#16 – Fishy Fire Hydrant

Firefighters in Nova Scotia opened a malfunctioning fire hydrant and found a dozen fish clogging up the works.

Fire Hydrant

Shawn Carey | Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department

#15 – England’s Mysterious Concealed Shoe Index

Hundreds of old shoes have been found hidden in the walls, foundations, and fireplaces dating from the 16th-century, leading to the concealed shoe index.

concealed shoe

Via Northampton Museum

#14 – The Sailor’s Tattoo Code

We break down the sailor’s tattoo code. What does an anchor mean, and why is there a pig and a rooster on the bottom of their feet?

sailor's tattoos

#13 – Chinese Foot Binding: Unboxing Lily Slippers

The ancient practice of Chinese foot binding began as early as age four. Today, we are unboxing Chinese Lily Slippers, also known as Lotus Shoes.


#12 – The Centralia Mine Fire

On May 27th, 1962, officials in Centralia, PA tried to clean their landfills by setting a fire. The Centralia Mine Fire has raged ever since.

centralia mine fire

Flickr user Lyndi & Jason

#11 – 2,000-year-old Bog Butter Still Edible

What do you do when you find 20 pounds of butter from the dawn of the millennium buried in a swamp?

Bog Butter

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