Episode 173

TV Witches & Weird Winter Festivals

Do real witches like how television portrays their kind? This week on Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!,  our friendly witch Judika Illes reviews a couple shows that were popular in 2013 that featured witches. We hear that in the end, it’s all great entertainment. Just because its winter, doesn’t mean the outside weirdness has to stop. Chad Lewis takes us to a downhill shovel race championship and then to an international water tasting festival.

Additional Weird and Wacky facts on the February 3 edition of Ripley Radio: Joe Kasinski of Ripley’s Orlando Odditorium, joins us and reports that several new attractions are being built near the Ripley’s location on popular International Drive, including the tallest observation Ferris Wheel in the state; police spokesperson Tiffany Wood relates how a contest winner for the TV show Breaking Bad ended up getting himself busted for drugs; Angela continues her series on weird football facts when she tells us that in an average National Football League game, the ball is in play for less than 11 minutes; and we hear how a small town beer pub owner took on giant Starbucks in a copyright infringement squabble.

Ke$ha joins Pitbull this week for our musical egress, Timber.

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