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Last week’s episode gave you a taste of matchstick art with Len Hughes’ Statue of Liberty, but, with 100,000 matchsticks, Lady Liberty has got nothing on artist Patrick Acton’s latest creation. Nearly triple that and add over nine gallons of glue and some animatronics, and you’ve got yourself Ripley’s latest acquisition!

Today: A Two-Headed Matchstick Dragon

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Ripley’s has been working with matchstick artist Patrick Acton for years, acquiring one new piece, made completely out of matchsticks, a year since 2012. Today’s episode takes a closer look at his newest piece, a two-headed dragon, but let’s take a look at some of his other strikingly unbelievable works!

Steampunk Train

Pat driving loco best

  • Over 1,000,000 matchsticks
  • 35 gallons of glue
  • 3,000 hours
  • Over 750 pounds
  • 22 feet long, 13 feet wide and 9 feet high—the largest matchstick model in the world!

International Space Station


  • 243,000 matchsticks
  • One year to create
  •  If you were to put all the matchsticks end to end it would be 7 miles long. That’s one-and-a-quarter Mount Everests, more than two 5K runs, or even 29 ½ Empire State Buildings.

Minis Tirith


  • 420,000 matchsticks
  • 24,000 wooden blocks to create the mountain, which supports the structure
  • Three years to construct



  • Over 600,000 matchsticks
  • Three years to create