Unclaimed Baggage Center

Located in Scotsboro, Alabama, the Unclaimed Baggage Center is the penultimate destination of a lot of lost luggage. They donate or trash most of what they get, but put the very best items up for sale. Here’s a full list of some of the strangest things they’ve found:

Animal trade:

Moose antlers at Unclaimed Baggage Center

  • Moose Antlers
  • Giant tortoise shell
  • Snake Skin
  • LIVE Rattlesnake
  • Bear skin packed in salt (apparently it smelled awful)
  • Zebra pelt
  • 50 vacuum-packed frogs

Odd clothing

fire suit

  • A Versace gown straight off the runway
  • Vegas showgirl costume
  • Aluminized fire suit
  • Full suit of 19th0century replica armor


large emerald

  • 5.8-carat diamond set in a platinum band (hidden in a sock)
  • 41-carat emerald
  • Platinum Rolex valued at $60,000
  • A painting tagged at $60 that was really worth $25,000

Government Property

IMAX camera from space shuttle

  • A camera from the space shuttle (kindly returned to NASA
  • Missile Guidance System for a fighter jet (kindly returned to the USAF)

Memento Mori’s

shrunken head

  • Someone’s ashes
  • An engraved headstone
  • A coffin
  • 4,000-year-old Egyptian Burial Mask
  • & a shrunken head (not ours)