This Week

[September 22-28th, 2019] An angry walrus, lost Renaissance masterpiece, cheesy invention, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Walrus VS The Russian Navy

A group of researchers stationed on a Russian Navy tugboat were surveying a remote archipelago in the Arctic Ocean when they stumbled across a walrus mother and her calves. Having taken a smaller boat to shore, they tried to flee, but the walrus pursued them, attacking their boat. According to the Russian Geographical Society, the boat was destroyed, sinking into the sea. The researchers, however, have all been declared safe.

walrus sinks boat

Burt’s Cheese

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but is cheese a necessity? According to a St. Louis fourth-grader: Yes. Yes it is. Prohibited from openly munching on cheddar in class, the inventive nine-year-old devised an apparatus to deliver cheese as furtively as possible. Cleaning out an old chapstick tube, she filled the container with cheese. After her first test, she declared it a success, proving there’s nowhere cheese can’t go. As for whether the cheese-balm is allowed, was quick to point out that balm is anything that heals, soothes, or mitigates.

No Laughing Matter

A 90-year-old woman in Paris was hoping to sell her home as-is, so she had an appraiser come in to do an inspection. Hoping to sell all her belongings at auction, a small painting in her kitchen turned out to be a lost masterpiece. Sitting innocuously above a hot-plate, the 13th-century masterpiece is believed to be worth upwards of $6.6 million. She can’t remember where she got it, but experts have identified it as “Christ Mocked” by Florentine Renaissance artist Cimabue.

christ mocked

Baby Warnings

There are a lot of uncomfortable aspects of flying, but a crying baby can turn any flight into a nightmare. That’s why Japan Airlines has released a new feature on its website that allows passengers to see exactly where children will be seated on flights, helping them avoid a noisy seatmate. Now, passengers can enjoy their 13-hour flights at least a row or two away from a screaming toddler.

baby plane

Go Paperless!

A woman in Maine has been inundated with the same health bill over and over. Receiving over 500 letters in just 5 days, they were all about a claim for her son from 2016. Some of the letters were informing her she owed $0, but others were asking for $54. Either way, 500 postage stamps would have cost the company $275 dollars to send. Thinking it was a joke at first, she spent countless hours trying to figure out what was actually happening. In the end, she was just left amused reading a message at the bottom of each letter encouraging her to go paperless.