“Mars is not the dry, arid plant that we thought of in the past.”

Warm Summers are Good News

NASA has announced that they have found conclusive evidence that there is flowing water on the surface of Mars. These traces are spotted from the NASA MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) satellite during the summer.

The six-month Martian summer, about a quarter of a martian year, can have average temperatures of roughly 36 degrees Fahrenheit daily. The warmish temperatures permit water to both melt and flow which create visible ridges on Mars’ surface detectable by satellites.

Recurring 'Lineae' on Slopes at Hale Crater, Mars

Recurring ‘Lineae’ on Slopes at Hale Crater, Mars
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

In a Q&A session on twitter, NASA also clarified they have found a number of elements associated with water including Carbon, Nitrogen, Iron, and Hydrogen.

Water, Not Ice

NASA and several space agencies have historically believed that there was ice below the surface on Mars due to the large valleys and canyons eroded into the red planet’s surface.

“We want to go and investigate, but there are no specific mission planned… yet.” -@NASA

Next, the space agency’s goals are to narrow down where the water on Mars is coming from and hunt for more areas that could have water. NASA staff clarifies this information could lead to easier colonization of the planet by future astronauts.

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