Encore Episode

Psychic Marie Gates, author of Are We Our Past Lives?, visits Ripley Radio this week and discusses her journey from being an atheist and not believing in re-incarnation to one who believes in both God and re-incarnation. She relates a compelling story that she feels proves that re-incarnation does indeed exist.

Weird Medical Maladies Minute is a new segment that makes its premiere this week. In the series, Jodi Pliszka respectively leads us through a maze of uncommon, unusual and often bizarre human diseases and conditions. She kicks off this week explaining a malady that she herself has suffered for the past 20 years – alopecia universalis – which has left her totally hairless.

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Other Weird, Bizarre and Unusually Outrageous Things Discussed this Week:

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  • Miss Artichoke 1948 was a beautiful Los Angeles model who trekked up to Castroville, Calif. to partake in the pageant. The media coverage of her victory kicked off her journey to super-stardom and her position as a Hollywood icon. Have any ideas? Tune in to be surprised.
  • A man wants to kill his girlfriend and make it look like a bear did it! His idea was simple. First, he was going to kill a bear, then clean it out and climb into the skin. When the girlfriend took the trash out he would then maul her to death. He was turned into police by a friend before any bears were harmed.
  • Echo Bodine, author of the Little Book of True Ghost Stories, shares her up-close, personal and often reluctant experiences with the spirits.
  • It’s been a good year for weird foods. How about Caesar Salad cotton candy?
  • Competition for the pizza dollar got hotter than usual in Florida. Two employees, thinking they would help their employer, Dominoes, burned down the neighboring Papa Johns. Poor guys, they are now in jail eating prison pizza.
  • We hear a funny story about a 92-year old woman who couldn’t produce a driver’s license (she isn’t allowed to drive anymore) to show proof of age while trying to buy a bottle of whiskey. The clerk refused to sell it to her so she went elsewhere and scored.
  • Angela explains how several on-line services will provide fake girlfriends for lonely guys. The ladies will email, text, send photos and post blogs expressing their undying love – presumably for anyone who provides a credit card.
  • From a vintage Ripley Radio segment, we’ll hear the tale of how a submarine full of sailors, stranded at the bottom of the ocean, was saved by singing.
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  • Beatlemania at its finest! Ralf has found John Lennon’s molar. It’s up for auction, with a $15,000 minimum opening bid required.
  • And Tim will disclose which American zoo has trained its elephants to wash cars – in exchange for a $20 donation.
  • Florence + The Machine provide our musical egress this week with Breaking Down.