Thanksgiving is a weird holiday. We’ve searched America for the weirdest Thanksgiving stories and we’ve found turkeys made out of Jell-O, turkey flavored gum, and a soda with a Thanksgiving flair. If you’re brave enough to try any of these, please leave us a comment letting us know!

Sonya Thomas: “The Black Widow”

She weighs only about 100 pounds but she’ll knock you out of any eating competition. She won the 2011 Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship by eating more than 5 pounds of meat in only 10 minutes!

Tofurkey Pardon

The President of the United States traditionally pardons a turkey at the White House each year. The Mayor of Seattle took a more comical approach and pardoned a Tofurkey- a tofu-based vegetarian turkey substitute. He also started a food drive!



This drink is more of a gag gift than anything you would actually want to drink. Each year Jones Soda comes out with a holiday pack sure to not make your mouth water. The centerpiece of this year’s holiday pack? Tofurkey & Gravy. Yum!!!



When pilgrims were siting down for their Thanksgiving  meals, potatoes were not on the table. At that time, most Europeans thought the potato was poisonous!


Jello Mold Turkey

Just Google “jello turkey”, and hundreds of images pop up.  Each year completions are held to honor the best in turkey Jell-O molds.  Here are a few of my favs.


The Turkey Vulture

The Turkey Vulture gets its names because of its resemblance to Turkeys. However, it is definitely not like any bird you’d want to eat. They mainly feed on dead animals, and it vomits at its predators as a defense mechanism. No thanks!


Turkeys Can Reproduce Without a Mate

In a biological process called Parthenogenesis, turkeys, chickens, and domestic pigeons can impregnate themselves.


Thanksgiving Gumballs

Can’t make it to Mom’s for the holidays?  Pop one of these in your mouth and instantly be transported to the Thanksgiving table, sans drunk Uncle Ernie and your sister’s boyfriend of the month.

Thanksgiving Gumballs

Each tin of this limited edition treat contains all the classic flavors of Thanksgiving – turkey, cranberry and pumpkin pie!  As their website says: Enthusiastically approved by pilgrims!

Gator stuffing

Gator Stuffing

Herbert’s Specialty Meats takes the idea of the turducken and Cajunfies it!

Take one boneless turkey, add Cajun seasoning, then stuff it with Herbert’s special Alligator Dressing, and you got yourself a finger-licking dinner!

So just what is Alligator Dressing?  The recipe is on their site: onion, bell pepper. Cajun seasoning, tomato sauce, and of course, GATOR!!!

Thanksgiving- just as the pilgrims intended.

Turkey Cake

Although this treat appears to be a delicious carrot cake, don’t let your eyes deceive you!

This cake is actually made with layers of sweet potatoes and turkey.  Add some mashed potato frosting and you have yourself a complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings.


Want the recipe? Click here.

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