The #RipleysGo Contest

In the week after the app first launched in the U.S., we started a contest to see who could spot the rarest Pokemon at one of our locations around the world.

Submissions rolled in from all over the globe. People traveling on vacation and locals in the area rushed to submit their Pokémon finds through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RipleysGo.

After ten days, we can officially announce that we have a winner!

The Winner Is…

The Grand Prize winner is Alisha Perry, who caught a Tauros in the Hollywood BION!

Congrats Alisha!

More to Come

With the overwhelming number of submissions, tweets, and messages about the contest, you can be sure we’ll be looking to do more contests like this in the future.

Our newest book, Unlock the Weird,  is launching in September, so stay tuned for even more contests to celebrate its release.