We Are Giving You Fair Warning

We are privileged to see and collect the most unusual and bizarre stuff found around this world. Few things shock or mesmerize the collective psyche of the Ripley team. THAT WAS UNTIL WE SAW THIS THING!

Please Don’t Scroll Down Yet

Play along with us and let’s see if you can figure out what “this thing” really is. We promise it will be worth your time. You may regret ever laying your eyes upon it … but most definitely worth it.

What Am I?

I am NOT a hoax, or a fabricated thing. I am as real as real can be.

What the fudge is this?

Any ideas?


Let’s See a Little More …

I was born on this planet just like you were. Let’s say things didn’t turn out exactly as they should’ve.

What the fudge am I?

Is this any better? What am I?


Press On … You’re Getting Closer

What the fudge am I?

Are you sure you want to know what happened to me?


Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

You can’t stop staring at it either, can you? We know, we know … it’s maddening! WHAT IS IT??!!

We realize, even now, that we still have more explaining to do. Keep scrolling to get the rest of the story.

What the fudge am I?

What am I? Take the poll to find out! I’ll be waiting …

Photo Credit: Amanda Latcham