1. International women's day

Written by the Bioneer Andreea State.

International Women’s Day

Each year the month of March is a symbol for time renewal and serenity, but more than this, it comemorates the movement about women’s rights. International Women’s Day got its start in 1908 when women expressed themselves by asking for shorter working hours, better payment and the right to vote. It happened only in 1996 that United Nations welcomed this day as an international holiday, a day when women are recognised for their achievements without regard to the divisions. (source link: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1349301/facts-probably-didnt-know-womens-day/).

Since the UN has celebrated this Day with a different theme every year. For the 8th of March, 2018 the message goes like this: ”Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s live.”

FOCUSING ON NOW, whether ethnicity you would have, the feminine beauty comes in different shapes and shades. Expressing a fleeting thought, a passion, an ideal or a quest for something, the woman nature tells a story. In this way, stories create the way we choose to live through this life.

Women posses a natural power source of energy within them which is a force of nature, usually unrecognized.  Denis De Rougement expressed in one of his books, Love in the Western World. Taking time to expand this energy, becomes a quest for the feminine identity.

The question which arises looks towards the idea of identity: what could this mean and how it becomes a social construct. Which are the differences between identity and natural feminine essence?

When the air of spring breathes through our being, we can have again eyes wide open to ask for meanings and amazements about life. If you wonder how your thoughts can interfere with a painting on a leaf, illusions and rare facts from the circle of life, then Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Amsterdam has some answers for you,  seekers of truth.

Meditate about your inner force. Let your spirit dance about your feminine nature while you are having a visit at the incredible museum from Dam square. Moreover, you will see petals of flowers creating identities!

Written by the Bioneer Andreea State.


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