Sloth Encounter

Trek to the tropical rainforest and experience feeding time with two-toed sloths, Rico and Cleo! 

Slow Much Fun

Guided by a an animal care expert, you’ll be taken behind the scenes of the aquarium to learn about its inner workings and how we care for our animals. After your tour, step inside Sloth Valley to hang out with two-toed sloths Rico and Cleo during their feeding time. Your expert will teach you everything there is to know about your new pals!

Need to Know Info

What's Included

  • Sloth Encounters, including the behind-the-scenes tour, are approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Aquarium admission must be purchased to participate in this encounter.

  • Sloth Encounters are offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 1:00 p.m.

  • Guests must check in at guest services no later than 20 minutes before their scheduled encounter.

Meet Rico and Cleo

Swirly Backdrop


Rico is suave. Cool, calm, and collected, he uses his charm for the ultimate reward — his favorite treat, butternut squash!

Learn more about Rico and the Linnaeus's two-toed sloth in this up close animal encounter.


The Queen of the Canopy, Cleo does what she wants, when she wants. What she wants is usually a nap or fruit snack, often falling asleep with food in her mouth!

Learn more about Cleo and the Linnaeus's two-toed sloth in this up close animal encounter.

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Woah! The aquarium sounds like alotl fun! But what are you doing all the way down here with the axolotls – some of the most secretive salamanders in the world?!

Did you know the spotted salamander is the state amphibian of South Carolina? It earned the title in 1999 thanks to a campaign led by a class of Spartanburg third graders.