Ripley's Haunted Adventure Myrtle Beach

My kids really enjoyed the exhibit and enjoyed the interactive areas.

- Hale

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Enter if You Dare

Discover what goes bump in the dark as live actors, special effects, and unexpected surprises keep you on your toes in this bone-chilling walk-through experience.

Face Your Fears

Transport to 1908, as a murder mystery unfolds through the twists and turns of a haunted manor. Can you find the clues needed to catch the killer or will you become the next victim?

Enhance Your Amazing Experience

Explore the world of Ripley’s with a combo ticket and save! Experience the excitement of seven unbelievable family attractions in Myrtle Beach!

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Get ready to make memories and experience the excitement of Ripley’s Haunted Adventure Myrtle Beach, your one-stop destination for family fun!

Need to Know

These big thrills come with a few requirements:

  • Due to the scary nature of the Haunted Adventure, it is not appropriate for small children.

  • Guests must be ages six and up to participate.

Wonders You Have to See to Believe

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