The A-maize-ing Corn Palace

Okay, we have to admit, this place is a little corny.

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The A-maize-ing Corn Palace
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You’ve never seen a place quite so corny as the Corn Palace. Instead of paint, its murals are made of more than 275,000 ears of corn!

Let's Talk Corn

Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, the building gets a new set of themed murals almost every year. Artists design the scenes based on the natural colors of local crops.

Thankfully, there are at least 12 different shades of corn that can be used, including yellow, white, red, black, and even green!

Mural Magic

Each ear is nailed to the building one at a time. And the inside has murals, too!

corn mural

The Corn Palace first opened in 1892. Since then the Corn Palace has been rebuilt several times, including a 1937 renovation adding its distinctive Russian onion domes and minarets.

Though made of concrete, the exterior is annually redecorated with corn and local grains in murals designed by local artists.

A Sight To Be Seen

People have come from far and wide to see the a- maize -ing artwork that covers the building’s walls.

corn palace

Today, it serves as a sports arena, music venue, and convention center, drawing half a million visitors and numerous squirrels each year.

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