Up Close & Peculiar with Prince's 'Purple Rain' Jacket

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Allyson Iovino
Allyson Iovino
Up Close & Peculiar with Prince's 'Purple Rain' Jacket
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More than 100 years ago, the globetrotting Robert Ripley began collecting artifacts from his journeys around the world, which today form the heart of the greatest collection of oddities ever assembled.  Up Close & Peculiar brings the curious history of these pieces to a personal level as our very own, Allyson Iovino, explores the strange relics that lie within our Warehouse walls! Become a part of the story as we share pieces for every history buff, pop culture junkie, and oddities collector alike.

Today: Prince's Purple Rain Jacket

We're taking a closer look inside the closet of the artist you may know as Prince!

Signature Look

Prince first started rocking trench coats in the Dirty Mind era, where he wore a similar trench that he thrifted from an army surplus store. After he experimented with design on regular trench coats, he started evolving the look with different colors and embellishments until it eventually turned into his signature purple jacket! This particular coat is made from bright purple satin and features a lace pocket square and a studded shoulder detail.

Prince was known for always pushing the envelope and making headlines, but did you know all these unusual facts about the legendary singer?

Parents Beware

You can partially thank Prince for the “Parental Advisory” labels you see on album covers. In 1984, Tipper Gore purchased the Purple Rain soundtrack for her 11-year-old child and was mortified at how explicit some of the lyrics were. This led to her forming the Parents Music Resource Center in 1985, which was a group that pressured the music industry to start using a rating system. Prince surprisingly didn’t oppose these ratings, and ended up becoming one of the first artists to release “clean” versions of his songs. 

Minnesota Roots

Prince formed his first band when he was 13 years old. The name of the band, Grand Central, comes in part from the high school that he attended, Central High School, in Minnesota. 

Bon Appetit

Prince’s favorite meal was the classic combo, spaghetti and orange juice. 

Vegas Vibes

He opened a nightclub in Las Vegas where he performed two nights a week for six weeks before abandoning the project. The club closed after just five months. 

Color of Love

Pantone created a new shade of purple a year after Prince’s death, which they named, “Love Symbol #2,” after his symbol. 

Prince's life was as vibrant and unique as his signature purple jacket. Whether through his bold fashion choices, his groundbreaking music, or his unforgettable stage presence, Prince remains an enduring symbol of creativity and innovation.

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