Massive 8.75 ft long catfish dwarfs fisherman

Dino Ferrari, while fishing in the Po river (Italy), spent 40 minutes reeling in this monster just before measuring and releasing it back. At least he got a great photo op.

Wels Catfish

As unbelievable as it looks, giant catfish are not mythological creatures. Wels catfish are native to central and eastern Europe where they can grow as much as 13 feet long!

One record from 1856 tells of a person catching a Wels Catfish 16 ft long and 880 lbs (400 Kg) – Sweet mother of fishes!

The giant animals aren’t bottom feeders like other catfish. These massive creatures are—terrifyingly—carnivores. Wels catfish will eat mice, rats, other fish, ducks, and even land birds if they can catch them!

Still don’t believe it? Watch the interview with CNN

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