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Here’s some of the most interesting from our blogs and our best-seller book, Dare To Look!

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Stylish Thumbs

Artist who goes by Dito Von Tease started making famous faced on his index finger when he wanted to use a finger portrait to conceal his identity on Facebook!

Finger Portraits by Dito Von Tease

Mr. T , Spock, and Steve Jobs

Weather or Not!

Artist Berndnaut Smilde’s work is called Nimbus. The cloud looks real because it is! Using a fog machine and water spray he creates and has to capture these clouds in a matter of seconds before they disappear.

Nimbus Art by Berndnaut Smilde

Nimbus Art by Berndnaut Smilde

Miniature Food Adventures

Seattle photographer, Christopher Boffoli captures little adventures with tiny people interacting with food. We find them pretty funny!

Milk Kayaking by Christopher Boffoli

Milk Kayaking

Real Life Marge Simpson

Alexander Khokhlov is an amazing photographer who likes to push the limits of hair and makeup to achieve truly UNBELIEVABLE looks! Check out the blog.

Marge Simpson

Images courtesy of Alexander Khokhlov

Cardboard Box Office

Lilly and Leon had an overabundance of cardboard boxes after moving, and due to their bouncing baby boy, plenty of housebound weekends.
To make their stay-at-home time a bit more fun, they started to recreate famous movie scenes using their leftover cardboard and other household objects.

Cardboard Box Office

Cardboard Box Office: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Vomit Art

Millie Brown is a “Vomit Artist” and she’s been featured in our books, the Ripley BION blog, and most recently a Lady Gaga Performance at SXSW.

Millie-Brown Vomit Artist

Millie-Brown Vomit Artist




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