You Sure You Want To Say ‘I Do?’

Weddings are crazy all on their own. You have in-laws, drunk uncles, and a thousand details to worry about. However, these brides and grooms added a touch of extra crazy to their nuptials.

Here are 4 of the craziest weddings featured in our latest book, Dare to Look!


Bridal Race

100 prospective brides donned wedding dresses and running shoes to take part in a 150-meter race in Belgrade, Serbia, with the winner earning a free wedding dress.



Underwater Wedding

More than 200 SCUBA divers attending the wedding of Alberto dal Lago and Karla Munguia, which took place 16 feet UNDERWATER! The judge who officiated had to get a SCUBA certification in order to conduct the ceremony.


Wife Selling

Up until 1857, it was legal for a British husband to sell his wife. The going rate was $4,550, which is equivalent to $335,000 today.

Wife Selling

Rescue Wedding

An avalanche survivor married her mountain rescuer. The ceremony took place 6,000 feet up on the very mountain where he rescued her.

Rescue Wedding


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