Bumblebee cat

It’s Friday, you need a pick-me-up to get through the final stretch of this week. We all do. I’m here to help!

From our latest book, 5 of our favorite stories proving cats just do whatever they want and you can’t stop them.

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Maybe This Cat Forgot His Train Ticket?

A luxury black cat took a 120 MILE (193 km) train trip from Southampton, England all the way to Cardiff, Wales by clinging to the bottom of the train the whole time.

Dramatic Cat Train Stare

Cat + Cactus

A cat in Arizona decided to climb a 30 foot saguaro cactus in the desert. Oh, then our cat daredevil STAYED there for THREE DAYS before calmly moseying off; Presumably to walk on hot coals just because she can. This hedgehog and cat helped me have a recreation/dramatization.
Cat sits on spiky thing

Adopted Chicks

In Qingdao, China an owner left his birdcage open and his cat jumped in. But instead of doing anything malicious, the cat made some new playmates! This isn’t unheard of, but it sure is both rare and adorable…

Cat with chicks

…every time.

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Professional Stunt Feline

In Boston, Massachusetts, Sugar decided to explore what’s outside his window.

He didn’t really think it through, seeing as he fell 19 stories from the high-rise he lived in! The amazing part is he walked away with no broken bones, cuts. On the other hand, I think I sprained my ankle walking up stairs last weekend.


Anakin, the Two-Legged Kitten

Anakin was born without his hind legs or even a pelvis, but that didn’t slow this kitten down! He uses his front two legs to walk and his tail to balance. He plays just like every other kitten.


Sneak peek: you escaping work today

Sneak peek: you escaping work today



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Donald The 4 Legged Duck

Donald The 4 Legged Duck!

Want more adorable-ness?

Donald the four-legged duckling became part of the Ripley’s family and the photos are adorable: See them here!