Man makes the weirdest things

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I’m not sure if any of these following creations are necessary, but they certainly are spectacular!

Here are 6 of the craziest man made constructs featured in our latest book, Dare to Look!


Suspended Potty

A luxury penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico has a a toilet suspended on a glass floor above a 15-story abandoned elevator shaft. It makes for an interesting view while you are doing your business!

suspended toilet

Hand-Chiseled Tunnel

It used to be the only way to reach Guoliang Village in China was to take 720 steep steps. Unhappy with this arrangement, 14 villagers banded together and hand-chiseled a 4,100-ft-long tunnel that is 360 ft up a cliff face.

• No electricity or heavy machinery
• Took 5 years to construct
• Used 10 tons of drill rods
• Went through 4,000 hammers

hand chiseled tunnel hand chiseled tunnel

Knit Hotel

The Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, England has a room where EVERYTHING is made from wool, including: vase of flowers, curtains, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Kate Jenkins made it using 11lbs of wool. She also crocheted the bedspread, and covers for the phone, lampshade, teapot and cup.

Scary Pool

The glass-bottomed pool at a Holiday Inn in Shanghai, China hangs over a 24-story drop, and lets swimmers peer to the street below while they are taking a dip.

Glass bottomed Pool

Snail House

A five-story house in Bulgaria was designed to look like a giant snail!

Bed that makes itself

Spanish furniture maker OHEA makes a “smart bed” that actually makes itself!



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