Ripley’s 99 Strange Days of Summer Is Wrapping Up



Now it’s time to vote! This summer, we celebrated 99 years of strange and asked you to show us YOUR strange! From incredibly weird pets to outrageously cool beards and mustaches – we have seen it all! Thank you to everyone who submitted their strange photos. Vote daily for your favorite submission! The grand prize winner of $5,000 will be announced on Friday, September 28!

99 Strange Days

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John “Hammerhead” Ferraro

John Ferraro is the Hammerhead! His skull is more than two times thicker than the average human’s and he uses it to hammer nails into wood, snap baseball bats in half, and bend steel bars! John shocks scientists and amazes audiences with his ability to withstand incredible amounts of force to his head, with apparently no negative side effects.

Believe it or not, the average human skull is 7 mm thick, but an MRI scan revealed that John’s is 16 mm!


Robert Wadlow

Only 18 people in history are known to have reached a height of 8 feet or more. Measuring in at 8 feet 11.1 inches from head to toe, Robert Wadlow was the tallest man to have ever lived. Even today’s contenders for the title of world’s tallest person don’t come anywhere near his great height. Sultan Kosen, the tallest living man today, would stand 8 inches shorter than Wadlow.

Featured in Robert Ripley’s cartoon in 1926 and 1929, Wadlow became known as the “Alton Giant” for his hometown of Alton, Illinois.

 Dragon Lady

The Dragon Lady

Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa, otherwise known as the Dragon Lady, has undergone extreme body modifications in order to transform into a dragon. A former banker now living in Texas, Tiamat has had her nose and ears removed, her tongue bifurcated (split), her eyes stained green, almost all her teeth extracted, and horns implanted on her head.

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