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[November 3-9th, 2019] Turning pollution into vodka, a jet-powered batmobile, paying parking tickets with peanut butter, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Turning CO2 Into Vodka

In what may seem like a divine miracle, a Brooklyn-based distillery has found a way to turn carbon dioxide into vodka. Instead of using the typical fermentation process, the Air Co. machines run on solar power, turning water and CO2 into ethanol. By capturing greenhouse gases from local polluters they hope their process could one day help protect the environment at scale. For now, their vodka is being distributed to New York restaurants at a cost of $65 a bottle.

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Brian Handler of Chicago has built his own batmobile in the image of the one used in the 1989 Tim Burton film starring Michael Keaton. His car is 22 feet long and contains a real Boeing jet engine. In total, the car weighs 5,000 pounds and has the ability to lift itself up and make a 360-degree pivot.

Out Of A Jam With Jam

University parking fines are the bane of any college student’s existence, but the University of Alaska Anchorage is looking to soothe the sting of its tickets. Students are now allowed to cover—or at least reduce—the cost of their fines by donating jars of peanut butter and jelly. The University hopes to beef up its food bank for students in need with the pilfered preserves.


Voting From Space

Odd-year elections are known for low turnout, especially if constituents are abroad. Andrew Morgan of Pennsylvania, however, managed to cast his vote despite being off the planet! An astronaut stationed aboard the International Space Station, Morgan submitted an absentee ballot, though it seems he missed out on his “I voted” sticker.

i voted

Iron Scow

For over a century an iron ship has sat near the edge of horseshoe falls in Niagara. A giant iron scow, the ship has sat about 2,000 feet from the precipice. This week, however, a storm swept through and moved the deteriorating ship. This is the first time the boat has moved since it was lost, moving it just a little closer to tipping over the falls.

iron scow