402 Ashalnd Ave

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

This is the address of a rental home in Tarpon Springs, Florida that has been covered entirely in aluminum foil.

Looking like something out of a pulp sci-fi comic, the walls, windows, driveway, and even the palm trees glisten with metallic flare in the Florida sun.

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

Something out of the Twilight Zone?

Piotr Janowski is the mastermind behind the project, but it’s not meant to keep aliens from reading his mind or save on his electric bill; it’s an art piece.

“Curious onlookers rarely identified the installation as art.” – Piotr Janowski

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

New Perspectives

The foil reveals features of objects that might otherwise go unnoticed, namely texture.

From the fine grooves of palm tree fiber, to the bumps and cracks in the stucco and driveway, the foil certainly makes you take a second look.

“While it conceals objects, this actually results in an intensification of certain aspects of their form.”

It does this mainly by creating strong reflections at sharp angles, and scrambling the appearance of colors and light.

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

Artistic Incursions

Artist Piotr Janowski describes it as an initiative to bring sustainable energy and art together, with his goal being to one day create a sculpture that generates electricity.

Hailing from Poland originally, Janowski graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and now splits his time between Tarpon Springs and Vienna, Austria.

He started with palm trees—interacting with nature, and then hung abstract sculptures from the trees in order to blur the line between reality and imagination.

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

The third phase was covering the house with foil and challenging social perception.

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

Giant Pinball

The final phase makes the foil sculptures kinetic, being rolled into a ball and rolled to a local recycling plant.

402 ashland ave aluminum foil house

Aluminum Foil or Aluminium Foil?

The foil itself is just regular Reynold’s wrap, which he then attached with spray adhesive.

“It’s like metal clay.” –Piotr Janowski

Janowski is preparing for a show December 3rd at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg Florida, you can learn more about Piotr on his website and Facebook page.

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