The Power of Anonymouse

Mice and other small rodents are tired of humans receiving preferential treatment at dining establishments, so the mysterious Anonymouse has stood up to the big city bistros.

Hidden the city of Malmö, Sweden, these tiny shops for mice offer nuts, cheese, and a cozy atmosphere.

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Pretty Cheesy

Besides their cute size and homey craftsmanship, the restaurants are covered in clever nods to the preferred customer, including posters for Maus and the name Il Toppolino (the Italian name for Mickey Mouse).

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 Business is Booming

The town of Malmö has been infatuated with the new restaurants, with crowds flocking to see changes every day.

No one’s sure who the artist is at this point, but the stores have continued to accumulate additional details, including a romantic picnic scene, a table of cheese, and more posters.

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