Netherlands-based artist Cedric Laquieze turns dead insects into fairies! Believe It or Not!, Cedric has created hundreds of these peculiar pixies since starting more than a decade ago, and no two are alike.

A Bug’s Life

To start, Cedric collects dead insect specimens given to him by breeders. He carefully takes apart the ethically sourced insects’ delicate exoskeletons and wings. Cedric can then rearrange and combine them into a new creation, sometimes using up to 10 insects in a single sculpture!


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By using a variety of colors, shapes, and textures, he can achieve different personalities, ranging from regal to whimsical. Cedric’s other work includes flower-covered skeletons and anatomical models made from plastic toys.

Bug Builds

“The aspect of the fairies that I like the most is that over the span almost 20 years and hundreds of fairies, I’ve never made the same piece twice, and the shapes colors and designs are extremely diverse from dark and intimidating to almost cartoon like or Victorian and classic each one has found its counterpart,” Cedric Laquieze told Gloomth Magazine.


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