Believe It or Not! the American West had its share of outlaw women, many of whom were killers and rustlers – and some actually ended up on the short end of a long rope as a result. Author Michael Rutter has documented these bad girls in his “Bedside Book of Bad Girls,” and shares several amazing and shocking stories about a few of them.

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Additional random amazements discussed this week


Steampunk is often defined as Victorian style with an industrial revolution steel feel to it combined with a touch of Jules Verne fantasy – all mixed together with a 21st century punk attitude. Sandra Martin, the founder of the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo is on hand to tell us all about this emerging genre and about her event, set for April 15-17 in Oklahoma City.

Also this week, Chris Epting reports about a plethora of fallen birds, all with the exact same wing injury, Tim plays Spot the Not! with facts culled from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Baseball Oddities book, Edward examines the Steampunk exhibits in the Ripley archives, and we find out who the fittest man in the world is and where he lives.