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[May 24-30th, 2020] A home run homestay, mammoth discovery in Mexico, penguin poo laughing gas, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Watermelon Sugar Penguin Poo High

It’s no laughing matter. Scientists have reported getting so high on the nitrous oxide emitted by penguin excrement in Antarctica that it actually has made them sick. Also known as laughing gas, the nitrous oxide levels given off by this penguin colony’s waste was about 100 times higher than a fertilized field! Professor Bo Elberling of the University of Copenhagen, who has been studying king penguins on the Atlantic island of South Georgia, explained the amount of nitrous oxide given off was enough to send someone “completely cuckoo.”

Scientists have reported getting so high on the nitrous oxide emitted by penguin excrement in Antarctica that it actually has made them sick.

Another Shipwreck Added to the Dreamcatcher’s List

A fisherman off the coast of Mexico has stumbled upon a shipwreck that is over 200 years old! Manuel Polanco discovered the wreckage of the 18th or 19th-century English sailboat near the Banco Chinchorro reef, an atoll, or ring-shaped coral reef that nearly or completely encircles a lagoon. Believe It or Not! this unique reef is home to at least nine other shipwrecks, including two Spanish Galleons. The area is known as “Dreamcatcher” or “Sleep Depriver” due to all the wrecks.


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Othón P. Blanco, #QuintanaRoo.- Poco a poco comienza a revelarse la historia de un velero, cuyo naufragio ocurrió, probablemente, a finales del siglo XVIII o inicios del XIX. Los arqueólogos subacuáticos teorizan que los tripulantes de aquella embarcación hicieron un último esfuerzo para evitar la catástrofe. Esto lo infieren a partir del hallazgo de un ancla ‘activada’, es decir, que fue lanzada al mar con la intención de sujetarse a la barrera arrecifal, y fue a tal grado que hoy continúa ceñida e integrada por completo al sistema coralino. No obstante, esa acción fue en vano pues la embarcación comprobó, del peor modo, por qué al falso atolón de Banco Chinchorro se le conoció por siglos como el ‘Quitasueños’. Los vestigios del velero representan el pecio número 70 registrado por la Subdirección de Arqueología Subacuática (SAS) del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) en esta reserva natural quintanarroense. #PrensaINAH #Arqueología #ArqueologíaSubacúatica #Subacuática #Naufragio #Velero #Embarcación #Tripulación #Hundimiento #Catástrofe #Ancla #Mar #Arrecife

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Mammoth Graveyard Discovered

Lots going on in Mexico with the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia this week…

In preparation for construction of an airport 45 miles outside of Mexico City, Mexico, a mammoth discovery has been made—the remains of approximately 60 Columbian mammoths! When these pachyderms were alive during the last ice age, this area was on the shore of Lake Xaltocan. Scientists speculate that the heavy mammoths got stuck in the shore’s mud. The Columbian mammoth lived throughout the Americas during the Pleistocene epoch, and are not to be confused with their furrier cousin the woolly mammoth, which lived further North.

In addition to the mammoths, researchers at the site also uncovered the remains of 15 humans—Believe It or Not! from an entirely different time period. These pre-Hispanic humans are likely the remains of farmers, as they were buried with including pots, bowls, and clay figures, all ceramics typical of the Epiclassic period (A.D. 750 – 950).


Plea to Return “Spy” Pigeon

A pigeon is currently being held in India on charges of spying. Police say the pigeon had a ring on one of its legs, inscribed with a code yet to be deciphered. On the other hand, a Pakistani man, who lives 2.5 miles from the Indian border, is insisting that code is simply his phone number, as he flew his pigeon to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Now, he is urging the Indian Prime Minister to return his pet pigeon.

A pigeon is currently being held in India on charges of spying.

A Home Away From Home Run

Minor league baseball team the Pensacola Blue Wahoos have opened their doors—not for fans to cheer on the team or indulge in peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but to rent on Airbnb! The Florida professional baseball stadium goes for $1,500 per night and can accommodate up to 10 guests. The listing boasts full access to the field and a batting practice setup, making it the self-proclaimed “most intimate, behind-the-scenes ballpark experience in history.”


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