Four or One?

When you look at the above image, do you see four different pictures collaged together, or one set image? As tricky as it seems, there isn’t actually a wrong answer. The set might be one continuous image broken up by the object’s natural lines, but given the way photographer Bela Borsodi arranged it all, your brain is tricked into thinking there’s more than one image there.

Bela Borsodi

Born in Vienna in 1966, Bela Borsodi is a photographer. He got his start in graphic design and fine art, but he found that photography was his true calling. There was just more that could be said with a photograph sometimes.

“I felt that photography, in particular for magazines, was very interesting because you have such a wide audience. It’s a great platform for communication.”

Now, Borsodi lives in New York and his focus in on still life photography. The care and attention to detail he takes in setting up his photographs is astounding. His patience and willingness to get it wrong allows him to create an image that can only be described as an optical illusion.

The Work

The time-lapse video Brosodi created shows how the illusion came to life. Getting to see an artist’s full process is always a treat. Seeing how Brosodi uses trial and error, sticking with some choices and completely ditching others, is fascinating. But in the end, the result is unmistakable. He’s created something it’s hard to look away from.

This isn’t even the first time he’s created something so impressive. If you like this optical illusion, check out his images of letters made from everyday objects.