Burying the Lead

The world has a problem with dead people: there are too many of them, and we’re running out of space.

It makes sense. There’s 510 million square kilometers of surface area on the planet. While that’s a lot, it isn’t infinite. Humans continue to increase in number, and we won’t stop dying anytime soon.

We are running out of space to bury the bodies.

One possible solution to this problem is to limit the space a coffin takes up by burying loved ones in an egg-shaped pod. The pod will then aid in the growing of a tree. But what about cremation?

Bios Urn

Bios Urn

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Cremation has been a practice for a long time. Keeping your loved one’s ashes on the mantel would go a long way towards freeing up space in the ground. If you’re someone who isn’t fond of the idea of keeping a cremated body in the house, there’s another option.

According to the website, the Bios Urn is much more than an urn — it’s a catalyst for life.

Made out of 100% biodegradable material, the Bios Urn is a self-contained unit that allows you to place your loved one’s ashes into it and plant a tree in the soil.

The container is designed so that it will breakdown in the dirt without harming the environment at all.

As the tree grows and its roots expand, the expansion disc will allow it to mingle with the ashes in the bottom portion of the urn.

Users of the Bios Urn will get to choose what kind of tree they’d like, and also where they’d like to be planted.

All of this information can be stored on the Bios Seed. A smart necklace that functions a lot like a flash drive and could serve as a kind of last will and testament for Bios users.

Bringing Death into the 21st Century

A significant part of the Bios Urn is that families can have the experience of caring for the tree and watching in grow over the years.

To help in that process, the makers have created a Kickstarter to help launch the Bios Incube. It’s being marketed as the world’s first incubator for the afterlife.

The Bios Incube is a stylish, automated tree caretaker system. It’s designed to be inserted into the soil of the Bios Urn. Once in place, it will monitor all the stats needed for optimal tree growth. Does your seed need more water or more sunlight? Don’t worry about it; the Incube App will send you an alert. It will also water the plant for you.

This way, even if you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, you can still make sure the tree flourishes.

Whether you’d rather be buried intact, or cremated first, the future could be filled with trees that started out as people.

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 Bios Urn

Bios Urn

Bios Urn and Incube in place

Bios Urn

Bios Incube at work

Bios Urn

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