Cheese Tea

Cheese tea is not only something that actually exists, it has now come to the U.S. That’s right, if you love cheese AND you love tea, then you’re certainly not alone. But would you be willing to try the two together in one tongue-tingling recipe?

Served at the Little Fluffy Head café in Los Angeles as well as at Happy Lemon which has locations in New York, Boston, and San Francisco, cheese tea (or zhī shì chá as it’s called in Mandarin) originated in the street stalls of Taiwan before finding its way through China to Singapore, Malaysia, and now to North America.

Those in the U.S. who are brave enough to try this unexpected delight (or culinary dare?) can order a range of cheese teas (A.K.A. Fluffy Tea), including ones made with chocolate, matcha, oolong, and jasmine tea or regular ol’ black tea, green tea, or milk tea. From there, baristas will top the beverage with a deep layer of sweet and salty cheese. Um, yum?

While there’s technically no correct way to drink cheese tea, chugging the cheese on its own will more than likely be a little overwhelming. However, when you sip the dairy concoction along with the accompanying tea, it becomes a smooth and creamy mixture that provides a unique ingestion experience.

The Dirty Mess is one of our most unique drinks, with crushed Oreo and sweet crème brûlée cream. Here’s how we make it ✨

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If you’re all atwitter over the idea of cheese tea, but don’t happen to be in an area where it’s easy to order, then no worries! Ethan Wong has uploaded a handy-dandy cheese tea recipe to YouTube that will help you whip up your own hot & creamy brew.

Inspired by HEYTEA, who according to Wong hold the “crown of Cheese Tea in China,” all you need to whip up your own bevvy is a few common ingredients, a little time, and possibly a strong stomach. Bon appetite!

By Desirée O, guest writer for