Fruitful Festivities

One of the best parts of Summer is the abundance of fresh fruit. And with fresh fruit comes fruit festivals. Whether it’s the Georgia Peach Festival or the Strawberry Festival, events surrounding the harvest of fresh fruit are plentiful.

For Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Eau Claire, MI, it’s Cherry Harvesting time. And with cherry harvesting comes the cherry pit-spitting championship.

Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship

Cherry Pit-Spitting

Image from a different competition in France by Fabricio Cardenas via Wikimedia

While spitting might be frowned upon in polite society, it’s rewarded in this competition. People of all ages are invited to try their luck and see who can spit a cherry pit the farthest.

The contest started in 1974 and looking back over the previous champions list is interesting. The names that repeat over the years, and the family names that are staples to the competition, never cease to amaze. Some people really have dedicated a lot of their life to perfecting the art of spitting out cherry pits.

The Rules

The contest is open to everyone regardless of age or gender.

To keep the playing field even, no foreign object is allowed in the mouth, and the contestant’s hands are to be kept at their sides. This is to avoid the cheek popping technique.

Participants are measured in height, and based on their height, are given a unique foul line. This way, taller people don’t have an advantage over their shorter counterparts.

Everyone is given three cherries and three chances.

The cherry is inserted into the mouth whole, and the contestant has 60 seconds to eat the flesh of the fruit and then spit the pit as far as they can.

The longest spit of the three is recorded. If the pit is accidentally swallowed, that chance is forfeited.

If you happen to be in Eau Claire, Michigan area on July 2nd, stop by and try your luck at cherry pit-spitting. All contestants need to be registered by noon on the day of the competition.