Look, I’m not made of money.

The problem is, you can’t say that when you’re driving this 1988 Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine because it’s literally covered in gold-plated English pennies!

Ken Burkitt of Niagara Falls created this golden brick of a car, and when we say the car is covered, we mean it. There isn’t a single inch of this car’s body that isn’t covered in coins that are twisted, curved, and bent to fit the original shape of the limo.

The coins are uniformly laid out and held in place with a shiny clear sealant. From a distance, you have no idea what makes the golden auto glow.

I can only imagine from a plane it would look like a massive gold brick speeding down the highway.

Where do you think this giant car should go next?

We just took the car out of our Panama City Beach Odditorium for renovations. Where do you think we should put the golden limo next? I wouldn’t mind storing it in my own garage..after all, it’s worth its weight in gold!







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