This Week

[July 6-July 12, 2020] A living room in the sky, fantasy flight, elephant that will give you hair envy, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Essential Goodest Boy

A mini-mart in the Colombian neighborhood Tulipanes is giving all the boops to eight-year-old Eros, a chocolate Labrador retriever. Eros scurries back and forth through the streets of this hilltop town with a straw basket in his mouth, delivering goods to the customers of El Porvenir mini-market. He may not know how to navigate a map or read house numbers, but Eros does remember the customers who have previously rewarded his services with treats—so much so, he can find their houses on his own to make a delivery! The market’s intent is that Eros helps maintain social distancing with his deliveries.

Fantasy of Flight

You always want what you can’t have, right? Well, with international travel restrictions currently in place, 66 lucky “passengers” from Taiwan have found a way to fill the voyage void. To help educate on virus prevention and the new procedures in place at Taipei International Airport, Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Administration held an online drawing for a mock flight. Winning a seat through an online drawing, participants went through the full airport process. They had to check in, get boarding passes, and go through customs and security, all before boarding an actual flight. While the craft remained stationary, the deputy director of the airport suggested “people who want to fly abroad have long been suffering.” He hopes this event will help safely fill future international flights.
Passport at Taipei International Airport

Is it Possible to be Jealous of an Elephant’s Bangs?

Meet Bob-Cut Sengamalam, an Elephant famous for her fringe! With a single tweet, Sengamalam now has her own online fame thanks to her tamed mane, but she has been being pampered at the Rajagopalaswamy Temple in the town of Mannargudi since 2003. Sengamalam’s hair is washed three times a day during the summers and at least once a day in other seasons. Her hair, and the hair all elephants have on their head (although not as stylish), helps carry heat away from her body.

Please Don’t Microwave Your Library Books

The Kent District Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is making a plea to all borrowers—please, don’t microwave your library books! Earlier this week, a book was returned with a little extra wear and tear. It appeared to have been burnt in a microwave. But, why? The library can only assume it was a precautionary measure to get rid of coronavirus potential.

Library books contains a metallic RFID tag that can—and will—easily go up in flames in the microwave. Rest assured, scorching your stories is not needed. The Kent District Library is following CDC protocols to ensure shared materials are sanitized and is placing each book in quarantine for 72 hours after it is returned. As CDC epidemiologist David Berendes explained to the Institute of Museum and Library Services in a webinar earlier this year, “The virus, if it’s present, would be present in very low quantities and would die off pretty quickly.”

Extreme Couch Potato

Hasan Kaval of Izmir, Turkey, took couch surfing to the extreme—actually, to the skies. The paragliding instructor rigged up a living room set complete with a couch, TV, and lamp and took on the paragliding track at Babadag Air Sports and Recreation Center. Believe It or Not! the daredevil did not even strap himself in and, at one point, kicked off his shoes and changed into slippers to get comfy. To top it all off, Kaval treated himself to some mid-air snacks!