Colin Darke of Detroit, Michigan, possesses a talent that comes naturally to only 1% of people. He creates artwork using both hands at the same time, and, get this — each hand can draw a different image, simultaneously. His double-handed artistic feats have piqued the interest of collectors worldwide and have landed him a spot within the pages of our latest annual book, Out of the Box!

The ambidextrous lawyer and artist can illustrate two halves of a portrait or design simultaneously, his right and left hands working independently throughout the remarkable process. Even more impressive is the fact that he is not always mirroring himself, meaning his right and left hands are doing different actions at the same time! To highlight this talent, Colin uses different colored ink or paint for each hand.

Billie Eilish Glass Painting

Watercolor painting of Billie Eilish by Colin Darke

After 40 years of drawing and creating, Colin still finds unique ways to express his talents. He was inspired by a motivational speaker to start posting videos of his art on social media and, to no surprise, his following and fanbase grew at a rapid pace. He uploads original drawings and paintings of famous favorites like Tom Holland, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Britney Spears. There’s no telling who Colin will take on next — be sure to follow along with him on Instagram and TikTok to find out!

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