Heebeegeebees Alert!

Odori Don Dance

Odori Don Dance

I cannot watch the video posted above without it making my skin crawl and a shrill shriek escape my lips.

A restaurant in Japan has created a new dish where the squid comes “back to life” and “dances” on your plate.

The dish is called Odori don. Basically the dish is a rice bowl topped with a whole fresh squid (minus the head). When soy sauce is poured on the squid, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the squid’s tentacles to squirm around in the bowl, making the squid appear as if it is dancing a jig!

Apparently the squid is served so fresh that the salt in the soy sauce reacts with the ions in the tentacle’s cells membranes, causing them to animate.

Just a Gimmick?

Most diners in Japan recognize the dish for what it is…a gimmick. After the diner plays with their food, and the squid has danced its last dance, the dish is sent back to the chef to finish being prepared.

So how much will a dancing squid set you back? Only about $24. Not bad for dinner and a show!