Good morning from a gently rocking boat 804 nm from Isles of Scilly!
But looking out is not a view like 24 hrs ago: Dense clouds of varying grey, some down to the horizon and probably full of rain. Some lighter streaks. Mackerel terns are there, singing away, and I have slept quite well in spite of some worrying news last night. The gale expected to hit us in 48 hours is a real storm, but at least not large in extent. Last night at 10 pm the boat came to a halt before starting to drift NNE. In the beginning it went back and forth many times as seen by tracks on the chart plotter. We have drifted 12 nm N and 7 nm E since then. If the S wind is part of that low, it must be fairly extensive. If the wind remains southerly, it is heading straight for me. What I hope for is a gradual change to SW and W as signs that it passes N of me. (Wind revolves anti-clockwise around low pressure systems on the northern hemisphere.) That will help me to where I am going, even if I am on SA. If it goes SE and E it is the opposite, also I think the wind is usually stronger on N side…
It’s an opportunity to tidy away anything not necessary on deck and here in the cabin. As much as possible goes below deck. The emergency bucket with flares etc comes in here where I keep the EPIRP (emergency beacon). Survival suit is already my pillow, get a life jacket in addition. Food and water for a couple of days within easy reach. Take off the canvas for the canopy. When it hits: Store and tie the oars I use along the boat, not across as usual. Put out the sea anchor.
But I do not have a prayer-book for sailors!