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[December 16-22nd, 2018] Nunchucks for everyone, some really smelly socks, and a prison sentence that fits the crime.

Smelly Socks Send Man To Hospital

A 37-year-old man in Zhangzhou, China, was sent to the hospital after smelling a pair of socks. According to reports in Fujian Daily, the man had become addicted to smelling the socks he had worn during the day. Apparently, this led to a fungus growing in his socks wafting its spores directly into his lungs. X-ray results confirmed his intense pain and cough were caused by a fungal infection.

dirty socks

Cat Shipped 700 Miles

They say curiosity killed the cat, but luckily for Novia Scotian kitty named Baloo, her curiosity didn’t cause her any harm. Jacqueline Lake, the cat’s owner, was packing boxes when Baloo snuck into one. After a 17-hour trip and 700 miles, a shipping worker found the cat after noticing urine leaking from the box. After a vet checkup and a clean bill of health, Baloo was taken back across the country by volunteers from Freedom Drivers, a non-profit that transports shelter animals.

cat in box

Nunchucks Unbanned

Once, in the bygone era of teeny boppers and street gangs, New York City imposed a ban on the possession of nunchucks. The martial arts weapon was popularized by kung-fu movies like Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, and adults across the country feared their karate-obsessed kids taking to the streets with the unwieldy weapon. A Supreme Court decision, however, has overturned the ban, citing the second amendment for the guarantee to bear arms…even if they’re nunchucks.


Canada’s Last Witch Trial

While witchcraft has long been legalized in Canada, pretending to be a witch has been a whole other matter. A witch-forgery ban was imposed to keep hucksters from swindling people’s money. Canada, however, felt even this law went too far and planned to remove it December 13th. Two days before the repeal, however, they held what will likely be Canada’s last witch trial. Tiffany Butch, also known as the “White Witch of the North,” was charged with pretending to practice witchcraft after demanding money for lifting a curse.

canadian justice

Deer Poacher Sentenced To Watch Bambi

David Berry Jr. was sentenced to a short but unusual prison stay after being convicted of poaching. During his time behind bars, the judge ordered that he watch the 1942 Disney film, Bambi, at least once a month. Berry Jr. and his family were charged with hunting deer for just their antlers and heads, out of season.