Hula-hooping comedy stunt performer, Paul Blair or “Dizzy Hips” makes a living off the 1958 children’s toy.

Dizzy Hips Hula-Hooping a tractor tire

He’s managed to continuously twirl a 98-lb tractor tire around his waist for 10 seconds. He’s suffered cuts, bruises, and lost many shirts practicing.


That’s not all the hula master has accomplished!

The hula-hoop-man has accomplished quite a bit:

  • He’s twirled 132 hula-hoops at once
  • Ran an entire 10k marathon in 1 hour and six minutes while hula-hooping!
  • Hulaed while skating, skiing, and snowboarding

The largest hoop he ever “hula-ed” was 43 feet in circumference and 13 feet wide—that’s almost as tall as a one story house. Believe It or Not!

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