Episode 92

It’s a new year and that means there are new Doomsdays predicted that we all must prepare for. Tim Ralston is our guest on Ripley Radio Oddcast this week. He’s a Prepper, one who prepares extensively for Doomsday by stocking up on food, water, batteries, and maybe most important – knowledge. As part of the team on the new National Geographic TV show Doomsdayers 2012, he shares with us what really can happen “out there” and how to prepare for it.

Throughout ages, humans have been born with extra body parts, including arms, legs, fingers, and in some cases another human being! Marc Hartzman joins us this week to tell us about very rare example of a man born with an extra mouth – Otto Tolpefer. He was a featured attraction on sideshows in the 1880s in the New York area.


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Other Amazingly Odd, Bizarre and Unusual Items Discussed this Week:

  • Ripley Radio’s personal Solutionologist, Jodi Pliszka, reports on a very strange medical malady known as Foreign Accent Syndrome. The afflicted ends up talking in a language or accent they never spoke before!
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  • The new Forbes list is out! The “Most Miserable City” in the US has been named. Believe It or Not! it is Miami, Fla. Tune in and find out why its citizens are more miserable than the rest of us.
  • In the isolated farming village of Sodeto, Spain, all 70 households, except for one, bought into the annual Christmas Lottery. You guessed it, they struck gold and will now share the jackpot of $950 million. However, the loser who didn’t join in goes away with nothing and is now the only non-millionaire in the village!
  • Intern Abby reports on the amazingly high number of bizarre deaths each year. Death by chocolate, icicles and vending machines number into the hundreds. Death by hippopotamus averages 2,900 annually. Hear the grizzly details only on Ripley Radio!
  • OK, once you meet that bizarre death, what happens to all of your social media platforms and how do all your friends find out you are dead? You are right! There IS an app for that – on Facebook. Angela tells us how it works.
  • Author Fran Capo takes another story from her Myths and Mysteries of New York book and shares the scary tale of Buckout Road with us. The road, which still exists today has ghosts who appear often and lawn ornaments that change shape. Anyone care for a short drive?
  • John Graziano, Ripley’s official cartoonist, drops by and tells us how he applied for the Ripley job and 25 years later got it! He also talks about the new Ripley book series – Shout Out!