Art With Depth

Brittany Cox of Seattle, Washington, has made a piece of art that captures the ethereal serenity and depth of the ocean using carefully cut scraps of paper. She calls them Dreamboxes—frames filled with layers of intricately cut paper that form a three-dimensional image, and they have landed her in our book dedicated to strange and amazing art, Odd Is Art.

Cox has fashioned herself as the artist Behind Badger Burrow Dreamboxes. The pieces she creates showcase her exquisite paper-craft, layering several sheets of paper on top of each other, giving each piece real depth. The frames are then lit from behind, creating a dreamlike, ethereal display.

Just for the Ripley’s collection, Cox made her biggest Dreambox yet—an underwater scene featuring an eagle ray, a curious diver, a streaming school of curious fish, and a shark all framed with sprawling coral. The box measures 18 by 24 inches and is 20 layers of paper deep, making it truly feel like your gazing into the depths of a mesmerizing ocean!

papercut dreambox