Art from Cremains, Wheelchair Bowling, and a Sub-Zero Challenge

Believe It or Not!, several US cities want to steal the “Icebox of the Nation” moniker from International Falls, Minn.. Chad Lewis joins us this week and tells us about the challenge from these upstarts.  A person’s ashes from cremation aren’t just for urns anymore. Angela explains that all sorts of artistic uses have been created for cremains, including blown glass paper weights and vinyl records.


  • George Holscher tells us about the 300-game he bowled – from his wheelchair, becoming only the second person to ever do so
  • Award-winning TV reporter Scott Fais reports on the very off-the-beaten-path location of a private monkey island in Florida
  • Huffington Post editor Buck Wolf unveils the top weird stories the popular website carried during 2012
  • Sideshow historian James Taylor recalls the life story of sideshow performer Johnny Eck, the legless man who Robert Ripley once called, “the most amazing man in the world.”

The Zombies auditory artifact from 1969, Time of the Season, is this week’s musical egress.

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