Pushups on Eggs, a $185,000 Cigar & Walking on Water

While most of us can’t imagine doing a one-armed pushup of any kind, Darryl Learie holds a world record doing them – with all of his weight balanced on a single egg! He stops by this week and explains how he does it without making omelets. Juan Panesso tells us this week on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, how he acquired and then sold a 19-foot long cigar – for $185,000.


  • Jodi Pliszka tells the tale of a weird medical malady of a young woman whose eyes close and she can’t open them for three days at a time
  • We hear of some real crazy items available for purchase on the Internet, including the ability to walk on water- sort of
  • Joe Kasinski of the Orlando Believe It or Not! Odditorium joins us in the studio and tells us what’s new at his busy attraction

Maroon 5 provides our musical egress this week with Daylight.

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