Horror Writing, Haunted House Day & One Finger Push-ups

In celebration of Freaky October, we return to Ghoul School this week and welcome back its tenured professor, Barry Anderson. Bram Stoker Award horror writer and cemetery caretaker Owl Goingback joins us and talks about the horror genre of writing and about his haunting experiences at Central Florida’s spookiest resting place. We also talk with Mick Gooch of the United Kingdom who explains how he has set several world records by performing one finger pushups – most recently – on top of a nail!  Believe It or Not!


  • Rick Davis, director and co-founder of the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts group requests the help of all Halloween lovers to help the initiative to have Congress create a National Haunted House Day
  • In her Weird Medical Malady segment, Jodi Pliszka introduces us to a young woman who can’t gain, or maintain her weight, no matter how much she eats
  • Angela reports on the October happenings at Ripley’s Haunted Adventures attractions around the world.

Our musical egress this week is the haunting Who Can it Be Now? by the Australian group, Men Down Under.

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