A 5-Year old Mayor, a Deaf Dog & Weird Florida

Another eclectic roundup of weird, wild and unbelievable news this week on Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! We hear about a five year old youngster who is serving his second term as mayor of the Restaurant Capital of the World, Dorset, Minn. Laura and Rick, local restaurant owners talk with us about their friend the mayor; A deaf dog gets the credit for foiling a home invasion by sensing the intruder was someone to play with and started jumping around on the wood floor, making noise that awoke its owner who came out of the bedroom brandishing a gun.  We talk with the newsman who uncovered this unbelievable story.


  •  Author Lynn Waddell has written “Fringe Florida,” a book that proves what we’ve been saying for years on Ripley Radio. Florida is a very weird state. She shares several stories from her book with us
  • In our medical malady of the week segment, Jodi Pliszka reports on the sad story of two brothers whose illness causes them to grow mentally younger day by day
  • We learn of yet another specialty product for the bacon lover – bacon body scrub!

Anna Kendrick provides us with our musical egress this week, with When I’m Gone.

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