Aliens Trade Water for Pancakes & a Surfer Knocks out a Shark

A strange but true story kicks off this week’s episode of Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, when we hear from surfer dude Jeff Horton on how he knocked out a shark that attacked him off the coast of Hawaii – with his fists. Chad Lewis reports on a 1961 event in which aliens stopped by a Wisconsin farmhouse and traded saucer pancakes for a fresh supply of water. Witnesses throughout town reported seeing the spacecraft as well, but by all reports, they didn’t get any pancakes.


  •  Jodi Pliszka reports on a malady in which hair is growing out of an individual’s eyeball
  • Ralf talks about a dandelion plant, in near bloom, that a doctor removed from a child’s ear
  • Orlando TV celebrity Scott Fais tells us that snowbird season has now officially begun in Florida
  • TV reporter Carrie Vick reveals the real purpose why a 6th grade student has worn a Green Bay Packers jersey, without ever taking it off, for more than two years.

The Rosebuds provide this week’s musical egress with a new Christmas song, Journey to Christmas Island.

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