The Strangest & Weirdest Christmas Music – EVER!

You’re not going to hear any sappy holiday music this week on Ripley Radio’s first-ever Strange & Weird Christmas Music special. No Alvin and the Chipmunks, or Snoopy, or probably anything you’ve ever heard. While most of the staff took the week off, co-host Ralf, with an F snuck into Ripley’s musical archives and pulled out some of the strangest stuff that even he thinks is over the top. He put together a fun and odd show that is destined to become a holiday classic on Internet Radio!


  •  Weird Al, the South Park gang, and the Jingle Babies sing their renditions.
  • You’ll also hear Zombie Christmas, the first recording Jon Bon Jovi ever made (and probably won’t admit it today)
  • Comedian Steve Martin with a most irreverent Christmas story, The Four Seasons, and Paul Simon.
  • Ralf offers up a “Name the artist of that weird song” quiz as well as some facts that you probably didn’t know about Christmas.

Ozzy Osbourne provides the quite freaky (even for him) musical egress on this first tribute to weird music, with his rendition of a Christmas Classic, done in true Black Sabbath style!


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