Shrunken Torsos, Spam & Pathological Generosity

Ripley’s has the world’s greatest collection of shrunken heads, but we also have a couple very rare shrunken torsos and dozens of mummified body parts in the archives. James Taylor’s series on mummies continues this week on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Ripley archivist Edward Meyer joins in the dialogue of the mysteries of Dr. Struve’s shrunken bodies. Jodi Pliszka reports on a weird medical malady in which a person can’t stop giving things away. She calls it pathological generosity.

Additional Weird, Wacky, and Strange Stories you’ll hear on the March 31 Edition of Ripley Radio: Alaska has its Iditarod and Brooklyn, N.Y. has its Idiotarod, a sport in which involves pushing people around in shopping carts. The former thinks the New Yorker’s are infringing on their brand and have issued a warning; Chad Lewis takes us on a road trip to Austin, Minn. where we visit the famous Spam Museum; Ralf tells the story of how 90 cows in Germany raised the roof of their barn, as a result of their bovine belching and flatulence; Angela reports on some of the greatest April Fool’s Day pranks of all time, ranging from a guy who faked a volcano eruption to a team in Italy that picked pasta off their spaghetti trees; and speaking of mummies, the mummified body of a lady who had been dead for six years, was found in the backseat of her car, in her garage. No one had looked in there for six years!

Lorde provides this week’s musical egress with Team.


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